Entrepreneurs that are passionate about their pursuit, see the value of mentoring and will like to make the investment to build outstanding companies such as JP Morgan, Dell, Ford and Dangote; all household names that have pushed the boundaries of possibilities in building sustainable businesses.

The target participants will be entrepreneurs that are:

  • Venturing – guiding the entrepreneurial minded to conquer their fears and take the plunge instead of tepidly dipping their toes in the water by remaining on a day job which has ceased to hold any sparkle, while plodding through side businesses
  • Scaling and Institutionalizing – the mindset of the startup needs to evolve along with the growth of the business. The tools and skills required for running a 10 man company is very different from that required for a 100 man operation and ditto a 500 man institution. An example is Google, which brought in the matured Eric Schmidt to oversee a business that had outgrown their managerial capacity
  • Leaving a legacy – planning for succession and possible liquidity event where the entrepreneur opens the business up for other investors and possibly take out some wealth to go and pursue other passions in retirement
  • Intrapreneurs – these are the entrepreneurial mindset of the organization. Executives with innovative capacity who would rather continue to pursue a career in a large organization than start an enterprise of their own. They typically become the next generation CEOs. An example is Satya Nadella of Microsoft

Why you should attend:

  • Vast practical knowledge – at the end of the program, the participants will be empowered with the strategy, leadership and business management skills needed for the growth and development of their businesses by applying new knowledge to a constantly changing business environment characterized by disruption.
  • Mentorship – in addition to sharing the experience of the journeys of the Champions of Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs will have a the unique opportunity of a one-on-one close mentorship clinic with the champions, faculty or domain experts, describing the friction points in their businesses and gaining insights from an experienced and objective third party who will also provide guidance in fine-tuning strategy

Finally, if you believe that your business is established; but you do not think that it can survive without you for three weeks, then you are precisely the candidate for this program.

We look forward to welcoming you atothe Ausso Leadership Academy, providing the backbone for entrepreneurship.

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    Josiah Achimugu February 20, 2018 @ 12:38 pm

    I want to attend the program, what can I do to attend. Thank you

  • Avatar
    Don Ifeanyi February 23, 2018 @ 9:56 am

    I want to attend the April 17, 2018 hangout. How do i apply and what are the conditions for attending?

  • Avatar
    Morgan Dibie May 30, 2018 @ 2:43 pm

    I will be glad to be invited to attend the June 4, 2018 master class. Thank you

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