ALA-Week ! Group 2

After analyzing the questions regarding the Ausso Leadership Academy (#ALA) second masterclass, it is pertinent to provide some clarifications on the most frequently asked questions. Here are a few:

Why have you broken the #ALA masterclass into three modules?

⁃  we broke up the three module/three week masterclass into three distinct modules because they are intuitively three distinct disciplines which can be taken together at a stretch or broken to suit the time and budget constraints of delegates.

Delegates can elect to do the module that most immediately addresses their current situation and come back to complete the remaining modules when they are able to.

 How can a business maximize the value of the #ALA masterclasses?

⁃  the best way to maximize the value of the #ALA masterclass is to have two or more representatives from a company (or a founder and his partners) attend the modules together. By so doing, they can optimize the output of the business model playbook for their enterprise, be equally committed to its implementation, and have a critical mass to implement when they get back to their day jobs.

⁃  Feedback from past #ALA Gladiators confirms this hypothesis

How is the #ALA Mentorship masterclass different from others 

⁃  the #ALA Mentorship masterclass is different in that is based on the inverted classroom model.

⁃  Instead of having a professor stand in front of the class pouring out theoretical knowledge, there is a facilitator who mentors the class to achieve deep self-learning by agitating the innovative mindset cortex

⁃  There is a co-inspired network leaning where other delegates challenge your proposed business model and the underlining assumptions helping you to cover all angles, especially your blind spot

⁃  The facilitator is not just a teacher but a business or entrepreneurial champion with a proven track record who borrows deep from his experience in inspiring the class

 What is the proposed outcome of the Mentorship class for delegates?

⁃  You will walk out of the #ALA, door upon your graduation knowing what you and your company are about and why anybody should care

⁃  Knowing what you must do with your company to take it to the next level

⁃  Knowing the structures and governance you need to inculcate into your business for scale and sustainability

⁃  Knowing who you need on your team for the journey, and what they must do for you to succeed

– By when you and your team will do what is necessary towards arriving at ‘Your True North’

How do delegates prepare before registering?

⁃  Come prepared to Dissect and challenge Your current Business Model

⁃  All Case Studies are on Your Own Business and not case studies about other people’s companies

⁃  All concepts treated apply to Your Business in the context of Your Operating Environment

⁃  All Playbooks generated are for Your business execution upon graduation

⁃  All Faculty and Champions are Business and Entrepreneurial Leaders with a Proven Track Record

⁃  Peer Review of your plans and derived business strategy outcomes for optimum results

Who should come to #ALA?

⁃  any high growth enterprise or high performing business executive who wants to scale geometrically should come to #ALA for the Mentorship Masterclasses

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