We are offering you 4 separate but interlinked and highly interactive Webinars, each aimed at different levels of management and different needs, but all designed to get your business fit, for now, the rest of 2020 and beyond the wave.

Remote Working – “Sustaining Business Productivity by Remote working”

Watch below as Austin talks about the new workplace and scroll down to discover the value of the webinar:


Every business has transitioned to a remote work environment, and post-pandemic there is every indication that this will continue to be the norm. But its also clear that many staff are struggling to show up consistently at their best, find wellness & balance and feel confident. Now is the time to get your workforce comfortable and adapted, productive and efficient.

This is a 1 ½ hour interactive webinar for organisations wanting to take an early advantage in the remote working environment.  It explores structures, disciplines, work/life balance, technologies, equipment, tips & tricks, do’s and don’ts. It is experiential, sharing ideas and stories as well as best practice.

Send any of your staff who need to get ahead, are not getting the best from the remote workplace, not adapting to change, overwhelmed by technology, or using it all as an excuse for poor performance.

For a group of up to 10 people – £ 1,425

For a group of up to 20 people – £ 2,400

Virtual teamwork -“Driving a Competitive Advantage in Virtual teams”

Watch below to think about the impact of high performing Virtual Teams.


You are set up remotely and trying to make the best of it but you are not working alone: you lead or are part of a team. But since going remote you may be experiencing dysfunctionality, are not sure how to get the best from yourselves or just don’t feel right as a team. If that sounds familiar then this is exactly for you.

We offer a 2 hour highly applicable experiential session exploring the difference between ordinary and high performing teams in the remote environment then looking at the practicalities of structures, disciplines, processes and how to run a team meeting effectively. Understand how empathy, coaching and feedback can change the Virtual team.

We will share critical models and best practice then get you and your team to define, through breakouts and whiteboarding, how YOU want to operate. You go away with an agreed code of conduct & ways of working.

This is specifically aimed at intact teams within Organisations looking to take advantage of the virtual environment to improve efficiency and rebuild high performance. It is suited to leaders or managers and their teams who want to hone their team effectiveness, resilience and productivity.

For a group of up to 10 people – £ 2,850

For a group of up to 20 people – £ 4,800

Virtual leadership -“Leading Teams to accelerate into the new Normal”

Watch here for Austin’s perspective on Leadership now and beyond the wave.


As a leader, you have been used to leading face to face by driving performance, numbers and results. In the remote environment, you realise how much tougher it is to inspire, motivate and lead – you understand that building cognitive & emotional intelligence is the game changer to bringing out the best in people, that empathy and coaching are what is now needed.

This consists of two separate 2 hour-each interactive webinar sessions that dive deep into improving your leadership capability in the virtual environment. We use online self-assessment to build a robust individual profile and detailed report for participating team members. At the webinars we help you analyse how the individuals impact on the team then you work out how the team needs to behave to work to maximum effect.

It is for leaders looking to develop the right Leadership Skills, behaviours and empathy to lead remotely in the new normal.

For a group of up to 10 people – £ 7,100

For a group of up to 20 people – £ 12,400

Leapfrogging Forward -“Leading the organisation to Re-imagine and Reform”

How long will the global health crisis and economic shock persist? With things changing every day, the only certainty is that the future is uncertain.

Watch here for Austin’s perspective on the direction of travel now and beyond the wave:

We believe that every organisation will emerge as either a net Gainer, a Survivor or a net Loser: which will yours be? Here is your chance to define how your organization will Return, Re-imagine and Reform as the crisis plays out so that you are fit and ready for the other side of the wave.

This program is bespoke and designed with you, tailored to your needs. It likely comes as two separate 2 hour-each interactive webinar sessions for the Leadership Team. We aim to explore the Big Picture scenarios then use gaming, simulation and strategic thinking for you to understand how your organisation should adapt to the environment. The sessions are highly interactive, loosely moderated with some models, ideas and frameworks.

It is highly recommended for CEOs and their leaders who want to shape their future for success within and beyond the pandemic. You will want to explore the variables of the crisis and create easily implementable playbooks that can be deployed as coming events and scenarios unfold.

Prices will be built to your specification

To enrol your staff, please call Krystle Okeke on +234 902 004 7642 or send an email to Krystle.Okeke@ausso-academy.com to find out more or set up an exploratory meeting.

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